Where to find a digital artist?

To make my story feel more special I wanted to include some amazing and beautiful art scenes. However I can’t see to find what I’m looking for, stories like the Enchantress have art that I would love to have in my story.


Every time I go onto the artist’s IG they always have common closed, or no requests on their bio. Do you know anyone who can do digital art who would be willing to help me out? :smile:


For free? Or are you willing to pay? Most digital artists will charge you. If you’re willing to pay you could try ronggowisnu or nopaks_artist ? I think they both have commissions open.

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I know who can

If it is someone like a community artist I’ll not be paying due to Episode rules, however I wouldn’t mind paying someone who is just an artist in general.

Who? :blush:

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The two that I mentioned are proper digital artists :slight_smile: The latter is a bit cheaper I think.

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Okay thank you. :wink:

Art scenes like those are usually expensive. I eventually gave up and learned how to do digital art myself and I don’t regret it!
You could go on sketchmob and hire someone.
Other than that, finding a digital artist at that skill level is hardly EVER free.
All I can say is, good luck.

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Thank you, I’m not artistic in anyway so I won’t be learning how to myself. :smile:

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