Where to fine Ink props other then on the episode writing page?

I the any link for Inks props as I’m looking for a book / menu? And I don’t know where to fine them other then on the episode writing page, but can’t fine them.

Many thanks

Only Props are what is on the portal!

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I’m sure they had props for books and that but I cant fine them either.

There is school book and spell book.

would you know what they are called as they are not in the episode writing page?

Oops got confused, those books I said are limelight.

Okay thanks

you can use

I think she want the book to show!

that’s an animation with a prop (book)

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Oh well there ya go I didn’t know that, using Limelight so I wasn’t aware.

Thanks to both of use, I thought the was one for Ink.

It will appear if you use the animation

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Thank you I just tried it as well. Thanks again

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