Where to go if you desperately need art

Hey everyone! I’ve barely ever seen a topic about where to go if you need art, so I decided to make one. Here are the 4 places to go if you are looking for awesome art!

  1. Jasmine’s Art Shop: Though it’s new, just by checking the examples I could tell that her art shop is amazing. Filled with many talented artists! They all seem really kind as well! Make sure to go and check it out!
  2. Cindy’s Art Shop: This one has been around for quite some time. Covers are amazing! Splashes are amazing! Art Scenes are amazing! Generally, everything is amazing! But you might not want to go here because they’re so many requests, but still, go check it out!
  3. Rayne’s art shop: This one is also quite new, but I was looking through the examples and they are stunning! Definitely check this one out!
    4.Giselle’s Art Shop: Although this art shop doesn’t do drawn covers, all of her cover examples are amazing! She does covers, splashes, banners! Definitely go check it out!

So there you go, guys! Four of the best art shops. Just so you know, they’re not in order. Just the first ones that came to mind. Have a lovely day!


Thank you very much !! :kissing_heart:

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No problem!

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