Where would you like it visit one day?

I really would like to go to England, New York, Paris, and Japan.

What about you guys?

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Anyplace with food that makes my taste buds dance

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I would like to go to Japan and Scotland :slight_smile:

Italy :heart_eyes:


Machu Picchu, Peru :heart:

America definitely, living in england with all this bad weather and cold temperature is boring :joy:

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Omg here it is freezing but it not like this every here
And I would visit paris

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Ireland or Italy

Israel and Sicily

Greece and Rome

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London, Amsterdam and Belgium :blush:

Bora Bora.

Trinidad (for carnival :tada:), Guyana (for the MEN!:heart_eyes:)

Everywhere and anywhere outta my boring town. Chicago to see a friend, New York to try street food, Georgia because that’s rap snack capital, then Africa to meet a friend, then England to meet two friends, then Australia to meet some other friends, a few places in Asia and yeah just a lot of places.

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there are a lot of places i’d want to go, but my top 5 would definitely have to be italy, greece, england, japan, and hawaii!!

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Maldives :maldives: :beach_umbrella: with @Jade.epi :blush:

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I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland