Where you can create like two girl mcs

where you can create like two girl mcs with different looks and names and let the reader choose which one they want they both have the same story line just different names and looks they have the same art scenes but with different looks too through out the story have the same character they chose to start

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You could have 2 characters with different names and then make a 3rd character that becomes the character they choose. For example, if you want them to pick between being a cheerleader or being an artist, have them choose which option they would like to be by doing a choice. I would structure it like this:

choice (CHARACTER)
“Cheerleader” {


} “Artist” {



Artist, Cheerleader and Character are all the characters you have… When they pick which one they want to be, CHARACTER becomes the one they pick. Throughout the story, you would use CHARACTER as the main character instead of the other two.

If you have the choice set up to start as:
choice (CHARACTER)
The name of CHARACTER will become the option you pick (ARTIST or CHEERLEADER-- but you can always replace these with real names if you’d like)

You can also then reference the name as [CHARACTER] in the script and it will replace it with the chosen name

I know that’s a lot of info and possibly quite confusing… :sweat: I hope that helps, but please feel free to let me know if you have any more questions-- I’d be happy to assist :slight_smile:

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