Where's the best place to go for backgrounds?


I’ve looked on Episode Life, and a lot of the artists who used to have their google drives available are now private. I’m wondering where I can find good backgrounds that aren’t featured in app?


I have fantasy background and their are others that have their background on their drives as well but NOT private. Hm…


You can request backgrounds from background editors like myself and others on the forum.


I make interior backgrounds if ya ever need one.


Can check out:

Good luck! :black_heart:


Do I just message you for what I’d like? Or do you have a place with ones you’ve made?


Lol I’ve been shamelessly promoting myself a lot recently, but I have a public drive that you can access! I also take requests, so feel free to ask for something if you don’t see what you need!




You could message me and I could make you a custom one :slightly_smiling_face:


I have Background sin My Drive too!
Alexa.episode and Episode.smartii also have some awesome backgrounds!


I need motorcycle overlays, and an open suitcase overlay! For now… Ha, I’m sure I’ll think of some soon, but I’m starting my first story and I’m still new to everything so I don’t really know how well they’re going to work with me being a newbie and all. But, it is a story involving motorcycles and, well… that seems like a pretty important overlay to get.


I need a background or an overlay that will allow my character to be behind a bar, like bartending, with another characters back towards the camera, facing the MC.

I need a way to switch camera angles too, so if there’s any way someone could help me with that? Or would it simply be solved with having a bartop overlay in the scene with the bar?

Or am I just not making any sense whatsoever?




I just went through these and they’re so good! I’m definitely going to use some in the future, if that’s okay :slight_smile:


hey i saved your drive to my faves and i always save with the IG name so i can remember who to credit but i saw 2 different ones on your disclaimers. whats your IG? :slight_smile:


@julesscreven OMG THANK YOU!

@britniwrites That’s great, I’m glad you like them! And feel free to make a request/suggestion (I’m running low on ideas lol)

@Venni Sorry about that, I just fixed it! You can credit me as @april.epi on instagram, but I do not accept credit for any of the backgrounds in the CCO folder.


welcome b :))


I actually do have a request! Do I ask you here or do I need to fill out some sort of form?


awesome! and your backgrounds are great! im sure ill be using some in the near future. :smiley:


There’s a form in my drive you can fill out. But you are welcome to PM me if that is more comfortable with you!


some of them are still closed or require to fill out the form once is open :slight_smile: