Where's the new contest announcement?

I think I saw some post saying about the new contest, Summer Contest is it? But I can’t find any announcement regarding it…:thinking:

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It’s on Discord:


Them moving to discord is already messing me up :sob: I had no idea!!


I know! And what makes it worse is that we don’t have much time left on the forums to move things and the contest itself has a short deadline. :confused:


With forums being shut down theres really no point of me even trying to enter. I need more time and I need the resources! I have soo many bgs and overlays I have to save now.


Thanks for this info…

It’s quite sad that this forum will be gone soon…:confused:

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I’ve seen previous contests that require 3 chapters at the least and had a longer submission window than the current one. I also consider this one short amidst everything else happening at the same time such as the migrating to discord, moving resources this month.

Respectfully, that has been the same for every previous contest. It can always be a story you’ve been working on as long as it’s never been published (and fits the theme of the contest you plan to enter).

I can’t see the posts on Discord. How do I access this? Can anyone help. Thanks