Where's your favorite place to find new backgrounds and overlays?


I’ve been trying to learn more about advanced directing and doing overlays and such. So far I’ve been doing pretty well getting them to work how i want them. I’m always on the hunt for new backgrounds and overlays so I figured I’d ask where everyone finds theirs. I used to get a lot from backgroundfactory but it seems they deleted everything. If you make your own I’d love to know how and which programs you use.


There are plenty of places you can find awesome backgrounds.

  • Google, you can find backgrounds on google (just make sure they contain no logos otherwise you might be copyrighted)
  • Episode Life, this website contains some of the best backgrounds I have personally ever seen, Here’s a link to some of their backgrounds -> http://www.episodelife.com/p/backgrounds.html
  • Authors or Backgrounds editors, there are many talented editors who make amazing backgrounds and edits here’s one of my favorite editors’ work -> https://linktr.ee/smg.episode


Pinterest is a great place to find tons of cool backgrounds!


episode.life and pixabay


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