Whi can beta read my story?



_**Looking for a proofreader.

Who can help?**_ :grin:


I can proofread a few chapters for you. I am currently in a writing group so my time is a little spread thin. If it is a few chapters at a time, I can definitely make that work though.


Thank you so much! I’d really apreciate it.

How can I sent you me script?


There is a link at the bottom of the Writer’s Portal when you’re looking at the main menu of your story. You can either PM the link to me, or reply through here with the link. :slight_smile: I look forward to reading it!


Will it be convenient for you if I copy my script and send it via email or throught PM ?


I think what could be easier is if you copy and pasted it into a Google Documents file and shared it with me. That way, I can leave comments on the side for you to go over.

If all else, you can send it to my email at mistybooks35@gmail.com


Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Gonna send you now! :grin:


I got them :smile: Is there a time you want me to finish them by? I plan on finishing them by the end of the week for sure, but if you need it sooner, I can do that.


No. That is fine with me. Take your time :grinning: