Which art is better? (POLL)

So I made these today, and I want to know which one you think is better, because idk what people’s opinions are rn

Here’s number 1

And here’s number 2…

If you could, can you please vote on the poll and then comment some feedback and/or tips? It would mean a lot, thanks!

  • Number 1
  • Number 2

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Ps, if anyone starts coming for me…

This Art was inspired by someone else’s on Pinterest, so I drew it, but it was inspired by this image…

(I know it’s better than I’ll ever be :joy: )

Any feedback is appreciated!

I just like the pony tail better. I don’t do art, so can’t give you any tips. I honestly just think the ponytail looks like a better style for that face LOL


Haha thanks @amberose always giving me a review :joy::two_hearts:

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Even when I know nothing about it!

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