Which Art Style Is Most Popular?


I’m writing a new story called, “Independent”
and I don’t know which art style I want to use.

Classic, Ink, or Limelight?
Can someone help me make a decision?


okay, thank you!


I mean, I prefer Ink, but whatevs. :blush::ok_hand:


thank you!


I would use whatever style you prefer the most.
Personally, I like INK the best. Below is a chart from my reader opinion survey (which you can find in my topics).


I use limelight but I transitioned from ink to limelight. Limelight just looks more realistic to me. So if you want, use limelight.


Personally I think LL and Ink are both beautiful style. If your story has a lot of girls, use LL bc LL’s girls are prettier (for me). If your story have a lot of main and support character or maybe a lot of guys, use Ink bc Ink has more features and guys in Ink are better than LL (in my opinion)


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Ink characters are more expressive. But more and more people seem to be moving on to Limelight. Limelight just looks robotic to me, but their clothing looks great!


(kinda late lol)
But I definitely prefer Ink. LL girls are OK but LL boys? Nah not my type. I also dislike the animations, they look so weird and… unrealistic :woman_shrugging: I’m probably exaggerating but I don’t care. Hate LL, love INK<3


Well, I would say INK♡ However, it is your choice, which style do you like the most? Pick that one and you will enjoy writing your story! That being said, there are some writers on Episode that create a ink and limelight version for their story😉


Personally, I prefer INK although Limelight is growing on me.

The clothes in INK are more diverse. There’s saris, qipaos, kippahs, etc. Although, to be fair, Limelight is still relatively new.

There is more variety of hairstyles and facial features when it comes to INK. Although, like I said, Limelight is still relatively new so it takes time to roll out more features. There is no mature facial features for Limelight males as of now. For INK, there are wrinkles and a stubbled chin. Even if one tries to make an elderly male character or even a character in their late 20s-40s in Limelight, they still look like teens. :sweat_smile:

It’s easier to make picture edits in INK but that’s just me.

INK characters’ expressions are more expressive while Limelight are more realistic but can look slightly robotic at times.

A Limelight story tends to lag for me even with few characters on screen as compared to an INK story. A heavily directed story in Limelight tends to crash for more readers as compared to INK. I did a poll on Instagram a while back and that was the feedback from my followers who voted in the polls.

However, I have to admit that Limelight outfits are pretty cute and when the fantasy/fae outfits were released, I was in love.

Oh and Limelight has more props to work with.

It’s all the matter of preference, really.


I think Liz said somewhere that the system they use to make new clothes (and animations??) for Limelight allows them to design it much faster and easier than for Ink, so hopefully the range and diversity of clothing is going to increase soon.


Yes! I understand rolling out new outfits takes time. Frankly speaking, I have no doubt that more diverse clothing will be released for Limelight in the near future as the style is relatively new. I’m just making a comparison with the clothing options that INK and Limelight have as of now. :sweat_smile:

Even though I’m a huge INK lover, I still prefer the look and details on Limelight clothes. :heart_eyes:

That’s great that the new system allows them to design it much faster. :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, hopefully, soon!


Yeah, the clothes are beautiful.
Also, there’s also a few animations that Ink has that LL doesn’t yet that make directing some scenes easier, like the swimming animation and the falling animation.


Ahhh okay. I haven’t tried directing in Limelight yet so I wouldn’t know but that makes sense. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully, they will release similar animations for Limelight in future? :thinking:


I’m hoping…
It’s really hard to direct action scenes when they only way to make someone fall down is to have them faint :joy:


Voting for INK :heart:


it depends on the story you’re writing. my next story is about two older ladies, so i’m writing in ink, because older characters look older and the clothing library includes more old-fashioned pieces. for a teen story, you might want to do limelight since the clothing is really good and the characters will look great.


I like Ink better, but you should choose what suits the theme of the story better! :wink: