Which background should I use? (Please Help)

Hi episodians, it’s me again sorry I keep bugging but I just want my story to take off ya know? But anyways I can’t decide what bedroom background I should use in my story. So in the scene the male MC is living in the ghettos but I don’t know what bedroom to use and in the couple episode later he decided to move to a better area and he moves in with his cousin and aunt and he gets a new room bedroom background so could you guys pick which ones I should use for each. :heart: :blush:
Bedroom Backgrounds below

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This on the top

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So which one for each? Which bedroom should I use for The ghettos and new city ? @Mia_And_Olivia

if they live in the ghettos then I suggest the first one. it’s basic and only has the necessities.

So the top one for the ghettoos and the second one for the better area? :smile:

Yeah, I agree.
Top for the ghettos. Bottom for the better area.

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Thank you so much I don’t think they knew what I met by which one but thank you again you help me :heart: :smile:


For new city this on the top and for the ghettos this on the bottom :blush: