Which badass boy name is the best? [CLOSED]

Ok so there is a “badass” kind of wanabee ex that is vandalising a car with his crew or something and his ex girlfriend finds him and starts yelling at him saying something like:
“(ex’s name) why are you doing that??!”
Or something like that…
I 've thought of 3 names so far

Here’s a screenshot of how he’s kinda gonna look like:


  • RYAN

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If none of the above sound right to you, I’m open to suggestions!

I know it rhymes with Jason but Mason comes to mind and another one is Grayson

I thought of Mason, the other names seemed to fit a little better and I also thought of Grayson but I’ve connected this name with Grayson Dolan and he’s too sweet to be a badass ex :sweat_smile: Thanks for the suggestion though :heart:

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Ahh that’s cool but I think I chose Jackson out of the three options aha

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Yes I can see it, thanks for voting :heart:

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Thank you for your voting guys it’s going to be Jackson since 50% of you prefer that name :heart:

What about Ace maxwell :joy: or Zayn? Or Nick or Jax?? Idk lol

I’ve made a decesion but thanks for the ideas though :two_hearts:

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Sure thing :joy:

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