Which Cover Art Do You Like Best?

Which cover art do you like best? Please vote down below. Thanks!

Cover #1

This first cover art was NOT made by me! It was made by the talented @synecdokai and I love it so much! I have used it for my story for 2 months now! If people like this cover the best I will continue using it, but sometimes, it’s good to switch things up a bit! Also, I would still be using the large cover by the same talented artist!

Cover #2

This cover was made by me using free art online. I added the tattoo on the man’s shoulder, the tear on the girl’s cheek, the glowing dots/sparkles, and other coloring/shading things.

Cover #3

I photo-shopped this cover together, but the character edits were NOT made by me! They were made by the amazing @Jayla12. If I end up not using this cover, I will still use the great character edits in a splash that I use in the story, in each episode. I would never put such great artwork to waste!

  • Cover #1
  • Cover #2
  • Cover #3

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The first one, definitely, I would scroll past the second one without a thought if I saw it on the episode app, The third one, maybe I would take the time to read the title if I was bored but I wouldn’t read. The first one definitely catches my eye and the title also goes well with the characters emotions unlike the third one.

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