Which cover art should I use for my story?

Hello everyone, I had two cover’s done but I am unsure which one is more eye catching. Could you reply with which cover you would click on first.

Thank you!

definitely the first

Okie dokie thanks!

Who made the second cover art? :thinking:

My friend offered to do it

I would click on the second one personally, and wouldn’t even think twice about the first cover

Same here, the first cover is obviously a picture from the internet, so it looks less promising and that you havent really put much effort into it. The second one has more detail but I think it should be a different background

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Ohh okay, thank you for ur opinion

I see, thanks

Sorry if I sounded rude :disappointed_relieved:

No, it’s actually very helpful!! What kind of background do you think would look better?

I know you worked really hard on the cover! So i will make sure to change it that one or the other half way through my story. Or I will use it as a background at the beginning of every episode! No worries!

The first one, the second one has a poorly chosen color palate in my opinion.
Of course that’s just my opinion.

Moved to Share Feedback section as that’s where pitches live! :v:t2:

Gotta go with second. But the background color should be a less bright color.

Okay thank you so much! What colour would you suggest?!

lol read the rules of my thread. lowkey rude tho :roll_eyes:

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Oh my bad, I will use ur cover then.

The first, it has its own twist to it :slight_smile:

Grey or Black, those are neutral-colored and they’ll disguise the rough edges on the edited characters.