Which cover do you prefer?

I’m making a new story and I’m not sure which cover art to use. Which one do you prefer?

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I am now making covers and splashes. If you are interested then click here


I love both

They’re both really good! Hard choice. :thinking::smile:

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Did you make them

Yes :grinning:

Can you make me one

And how long did it take you to make it

And when is the story ready I like to read it

I’m not sure that I can right now as I’m really busy with other stuff. It took me around 5 hours. If you want I can tell you how to make your own x

And the story isn’t completed yet but I will let you know when it is. :blush:

Please tell me how to make it

I made it on my Ipad with Adobe draw (I think that was its name) and I screenshot the character I wanted to use then made it transparent. Then I made a new layer and traced it, after that I added the colours. For the hair since it has different colours you will have to select each colour and then fill in the part that is that colour. You will have to repeat that process throught the entire hair. It will take a while but it will look better then just using one colour. For the skin just select the one that is already used on the original character then add shading to it. You an have any app for the text x Hope this helped. If you have anymore questions on how to do it then just ask xx



I do make covers and splash but I want to improve

here are some I make


Those are really good! What do you use to make them?

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Its free

ok, thanks :smiley:

The background are pintersest