Which cover do you prefer? 🤔



So I’ve been creating covers for my story Trapped.

Currently I am using this one-

But I have made 2 new ones because the one I am currently using is quite boring. So I made these…

The first one I know is extremely similar to the current one, but I feel like the bars give added effect and help you get a glimpse of what the story is about, and I like the simplicity of it. It’s just kinda comfortable, right?

But the second one took me ages and I’m semi proud of my mediocre photoshopping skills. I feel like it’s much more detailed and different to both of the other covers but I’m worried it’s a little too “busy”. :thinking:

So I wanted to know what u guys think so that I have a better judgement on what I should use for my story. It needs to be the one that’s the most attractive as I obviously want to attract more readers. :relaxed:

Let me know!

Thanks. :smile:


Here’s the link to my story if you’re interested! :wink:


I like the first one but they’re both great! Well done!


Thank you!


Personally I like the second one it gives it a little edge :slight_smile:


Ok, I like that one, too! I’m glad u don’t think it’s too busy! :blush:


I think the 2nd one would give it a good change… like I would be insterested in reading the story with that cover not knowing what it’s about… lol


Cool! Thanks for the feedback!


I like the last ones, but maybe have the bars going all the way up? I think it represents your story the best


Thanks for the advice Amber :blush:

PS hope u enjoy episode 6 :joy:


I like the second one :two_hearts::two_hearts:


The second is my favourite. :wink:




Thank you!


NO problem they’re both good


I like the 3rd one!


You’re really talented!
I like the first one but I also like how you did the second one.


Aw thanks so much :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: