Which cover is best?


Hey! So the first cover is the one I’m currently using for my story Scandalous (here’s the link go and read it wink wonk http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4694544914055168), but … I don’t know, I’ve kind of gone off it a little although a lot of people seem to like it. The second is the new one, which I think I prefer, though I feel like it doesn’t quite capture the atmosphere of the story (a murder mystery), probably due to the warm colours but i’m not the best at photoshop so I can’t alter the background colours to be cooler and still look good lol. So I’m leaving it up to you to decide - please let me know which cover you like best, and why!



Thank you so much!

Edit: updated the second one slightly lol sorry im a flop


I think I prefer the first, just cause the second’s color palate seems odd.


Hmm, yeah I see it - I’ll fix that and update it!


Definitely the first!! The colours fit a murder mystery more, and -no offence- the second one looks a bit off.

EDIT: I can’t wait to see the updated version of the second. :wink:


Just updated it!:two_hearts:


First one


Yeah. I definitely still prefer the first one. :smile:


The second :heartpulse::heartpulse:


I prefer the first one :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly; the first one. The second one is like "I have a crazy private life :sweat_smile: ". In the first one I see mystery and catches my attention like “something is hidden here I need to read to know what it is”
Sorry it is what I think, no offense :grin:


First one :raised_hands:


First one


I prefer the first one as no offence but the second one makes me think the story is going to be about a bad girl who is really naughty and stuff. The first one definitely fits better for a mystery story.


The first one! I literally sent you a fanmail because I liked that cover so much.




The first one reminds me of a soap opera and I’m about it. The second one is nice too, but it gives off a Pretty Little Liars vibe with the finger over the lips, which idk if that’s what you’re going for, but personally the first one is more visually appealing to me.


There both really good but I prefer the first one!


First one :point_up:t4:


First one.


First one too