Which cover is better?

Hey guys! I’m writing a horror story and I have this two covers as my large and small cover. I like both of them but would you click on my story based on the covers? Should I change my small cover?



  • I like the small cover best.
  • I like the large cover best.
  • I like both of them.
  • Neither they don’t look good.

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Hey, is the main character’s name Zoey?? If it is, then that’s awesome, cuz that’s my name.

Her name is Tana but I have a character named Zoey in my story :slight_smile:

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Oh that’s a cute name. Tana is really cute

Use them both, seriously they are amazing! By the way who made your covers? :smile:

hey can you maybe make me a cover???:grinning::grinning::


I voted for the first cover because of the original art effect but both are stunning!

They are both quite beautiful, it’s hard to decide which I like better.

The small cover was a piece I commissioned from @silviarte on Instagram. Her art is beautiful. It was great working with her as well.

@ellekay_edits on Instagram made the large cover for me.

If you are looking for truly talented people you should check them out. :slight_smile:

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It depends on what your story is about. If I’m inspired by the plot then I’ll do it. Inspiration fuels me to create. It all depends. PM me and we can see :slight_smile:

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