Which Cover Photo?



Hey! I could really use your help. So this is my first story on Episode and i cant figure out what version of my cover photo design I should use. It’s called “ELEMENTAL”. The book is about a girl who is very special. She is born in a Realm called Elemental. I’m sure you all now the four elements. Fire, water, earth, air.(sounds like an avatar rip off but I promise you it’s not🤣) so it was said that you could be born a true blood or a half blood and you can only have one elemental power, but she has all of them. She can be a hero or let it destroy her…what will she choose to do? There’s love, war, betrayals and plot twists. This isn’t the summary but What cover suits the story best? THANKS!!




You can answer here or in this google form!


I prefer cover 1


This stronlgy reminds me of a movie (not avatar) but I can’t remember the name of it






hmmmm hope my story isn’t too similar


I found it! It’s divergent


Ohhh. I’ve heard of it but never watched it :thinking:


I like cover 2


I suggest you watch it at least the first movie (it’s a trilogy) because it will help you either continue your story or avoid similarities (it’s a popular movie so chances are readers might have seen it)


Thanks! I will🙂


Cover One gives a more general idea. :slight_smile:


Did you make that


They’re both amazing! I think I prefer Cover 1. Hope this helped :heart:


I used the bottom half of a LL face and drew the rest. I”m terrible at drawing faces😅 oh and I used the necklace from accessories too.




Hmmm. I get that🙂


You’re welcome! :heart: