Which cover would more likely make you want to play?


Hi all!
I’m writing a story called Killer Sorority and I wanted some feedback on which cover I should go with. Which of these 2 would make you more likely to want to play it?

Many thanks!
– Audrey


The second one because otherwise the other one I feel has too much red and I would definitely click on the 2nd one :revolving_hearts:


They are both good and I would click on it with either one!!!


First one for sure!


I’d suggest the second one. It seems more in the moment and suspenseful in a way. Both are good, though.


I love the first one. Would probs still read if you go with the second, but like the first one more


damn, both of these are actually good.

usually I hate one cover immediately but the struggle is real.

I say the second one. I assume this is a thriller story. Those tend to work more with darker & red colors. The second cover’s palate would fit better for a comedy, drama, or romance.


It’s actually a drama/romance! Just with a darker undertone.


the second one, I seriously love both by the way! :heart_eyes:


In that case, I’m stuck again. Honestly, I don’t know.

Maybe use one as the large cover & the other as the small.
^^if you go with that idea, use the first as small & second as the large


I love both but personally i like the second better but maybe fade the neutral characters otherwise its reallyyy goodd


honestly they’re both soo good? did you make them? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: &i would say the first one


Use both! And have one side looking at the other, almost like rivals.

And if it’s the same girl looking at herself, that’s cool and weird too… maybe she has a blue light side starting at her red dark side…

They’re equal tho, if you go with one, I would pick the red simply because it has fewer characters to wonder which is which in the story


Hmm… you caught onto something with that last point. :wink:


I guess both are really good, but personally I prefer the first one as the second one looks kind of familiar. The first one is kind of unique and gives me a mysterious vibe :slight_smile:


Yea, I could almost imagine her looking into a mirror… the outside “how the world views her” as the blue version, but staring red at her dark inner self knowing what she’s really got planned…

I’d fade all but her and 1-2 others into the background… like in the red… the blue is equal good in my opinion, i just see 4 girls and then a main character, whereas the red, i see a main character and her friend. I guess that part depends on where you’re going with it haha.


I love the First One::heart_eyes:


Both are awesome! :smiley:


im just saying i wanna read this story very very badly. gives me scream queens vibes. let me know when its published !!


The second one