Which description fits my story better?

So I’m thinking of changing the name of my story from “Playing Pregnant” to Hot Mess.
Basically the plot of my story is about a girl who pretends to be pregnant in order to keep her job, but while keeping up the charade she gets involved in a lot of drama, love triangles, discovers friendship, and etc. if anyone would like to give it a read that would also be greatly appteciated!! These are the descriptions I’m between for now. I’m going to keep whatever description matches the title.

Playing Pregnant: (current title & desc)

You pretend to be pregnant to avoid getting fired from your dream job. But when and old crush, crazy ex, and hot co-worker come into the mix, things get a little bit messy…


Hot Mess:
After a string of bad luck, Haley loses her job and boyfriend in the same week. But when she pretends to be “pregnant” and moves in with three guys, things start looking up…

Which description is better??
  • Playing Pregnant
  • Hot Mess

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And also this is the cover for the original title::

And if I change the name to hot mess I think it will stay the same but maybe just change the words and coloring. I chose these colors but don’t like how it looks. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys

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I would’ve definitely read it but then I saw it in ink and I was like 🙎🙍 why God why.

Hahahah that’s understandable!!

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I love this story when I read it, I think Playing Pregnant fits it perfectly.

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Awesome, thank you so much!!:heart::heart::heart:

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