Which do people prefer to read, Classic, Ink, Or Limelight?


I was wondering what episode style people prefer to read, Ink, Classic, Or Limelight?


I used to prefer Limelight, but now I love INK all over again because my favourite stories are in INK


Ink is what I prefer but I don’t mind reading in the other styles.


I prefer ink


INK all the way! But honestly, as long as a story is good, I’m not too particular about the style. It’s the plot that counts :woman_shrugging: still prefer ink tho




I don’t mind reading any of them, but I like Classic the most :smiley:


I’ve seen 5 billion topics like this and I’ll say this:




Ink + Limelight


I love limelight!


Ink :heart:


I prefer limelight because of how realistic it is and there are more clothing options.


i prefer ink because it feels more artistic than limelight.


Ink and Limelight


It’s a tie between INK and Limelight for me. But it also depends on the type of story I’m reading. Also, CLASSIC kind of creeps me out lol




Definitely Classic, it tends to be the only style I read and I absolutely adore it. I can’t read ink at all, but I can tolerate Limelight.




My favorite style is Classic. I just love Classic the most as my number one favorite style because of the detailed hair, the vintage/unique clothing options, and the character expressions. Love it the most out of the three.

And I say this a lot, but there is no preference for me even if Classic is my favorite, personally. Just to be realistic, I think it’s good to branch out and try different things. To get that full experience, I think it’s good to give a story of a chance even if you don’t like the art style. For example, I’ll read a story for the story, the quality, the development, the characters, and the plot. Not because of the art style, because if I did, man… you don’t know how many great stories I’d be missing out on haha.

I have a personal favorite, yes, but I love every style. Every art style equips us with different tools and ways to tell our story, and they all have pros and cons and a unique feel. I can respect that. :slight_smile:


I prefer ink though I really like limelight’s looks. I don’t mind classic but when I first downloaded the Episode app, I think ink had just started getting popular and so the stories I read were mostly in ink and I’ve never really seen many classic stories since.