Which do readers prefere

which do you prefer waiting till the story is complete and then publishing everything ?
or publishing in batches?
or chapter by chapter?
and if it is the first one, how do you contain yourself from publishing?


I thought I would be able to contain myself from publishing until it was all done, but now I’m publishing at 3 or 4 episodes because I lost patience. I prefer reading stories that are finished though or that at least have at least 5-7 chapters.


If possible, I’d say publishing when everything is done is a smart move because then the readers who binge read wouldn’t have to wait for new chapters. Yet, it might take a while and it’s a long process so I’d say in batches is a good idea if waiting to publish until it’s finished is unmotivating.

Since I’ve published stories before, I usually just released them when all the chapters were done. However, I didn’t like how they turned out afterwards since it felt rushed. So, batches is more recommended than all at once (aka finished) for me!


will never happen