Which do you like better?


The past week I’ve been attempting to learn how to do my own edits. They are far from perfect but I think I’m getting better at it. So my question is which one do you like better?


  • First one
  • Second one

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Both of them are pretty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you :grin:


While they are both awesome, and a lot better than I’d be able to do lol, my favourite is the second. :smile:


Np :two_hearts:


I really like them both… but I do like the first one a bit more! <3


I am not artistic at all but have managed to do decently lol :joy:. Instagram has some awesome resources, tutorials for eyes/contour etc. Made it easier once I look at them and outlines of characters. I just erase the parts I want to change like face shape or nose, then I outline it myself. For me that’s the hardest part. The shading and stuff is more about practice and trial and error.


Ooh, cool. For a week, they’re good too. :thinking:

I’m rubbish at drawing and stuff like that so… :woman_shrugging:t3: and people who are really good are really hard to find. And when you do, they don’t take requests and don’t join groups. All the groups have the good editors on Instagram. :tired_face::joy:


Yep thats exactly who i was attempting my own. Downloaded the ibispaint app and found some png outlines on Instagram. From there it was just practicing and looking at tutorials to get better with shading and stuff. I was super confused at first but after practicing and even looking on YouTube I was able to understand it better.


I might try that when I can be bothered. :thinking::joy:


The second one is a bit out of proportion, but I like it. I just like the first one a bit more


They are both very good and beautiful :heart_eyes:

I use Ibis Paint too so I can see the work you put into them :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I noticed that too. I’m still working on them, she needs to be scaled down a bit and maybe tilted? Ill have to keep messing with it. The positions are tricky because I don’t want her hair covering his face.


I was so lost at first but i’m getting the hang of it. Still learning all the things you can do with it. It’s fun!


It’s all about learning to begin with but seeing what you’ve already done, you’ll be a pro in no time!
You’re much better at INK edits than me, I can’t do them :joy:


You are practically a PROFESSIONAL alREADY!!


How do you?..


How did you do these edits they’re gorgeous :heart_eyes:. I attempt to learn how to edit by myself too, but I tend to do it on Photoshop.


I use the ibispaint X app on my phone. Takes some getting used to but I’ve learned quickly


Do you use it on your phone or on your tablet?