Which do you prefer in a story?

In my story, there is background information that needs to be established. I’m unsure of whether it should be told from the perspective of the MC, or from a narrator. Things it would establish is why you are in a certain place and what you’re doing there. Which type would you personally prefer? Would one or the other make you enjoy a story less?

No preference tbh. I guess it just depends on what suits the theme of the story. MC seems more personal, and narrator seems more matter-of-fact to me


MC’s POV is my personal preference

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I think it does depend on the story. If you’re going to have it come from the MC… I think you have to work harder at making it seem natural. I hate in stories where I’m really into a scene and then out of nowhere the MC starts describing something that… doesn’t need describing?
It’s harder to describe the MC themselves as well if it’s from their perspective. Like I guess you can have “the wind blew through my hair” or whatever but then you can’t do “the wind blew through her thick dark hair, making it look as if… etc etc.” Terrible example but you get me?

Soooo I think it depends what kind of thing you’d be planning to describe! This probably was not a helpful addition to the conversation but anyway.


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No, I understand what you mean. And thank you very much for the feedback. ^^

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No problem!

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Good question. I would think in the MC’s thoughts too?

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