Which do you prefer? Wardrobe or 3 clothing options?

Which do you prefer and why?
When the author leaves every created outfit available to choose from like a wardrobe?
or 3-4 clothing options at a time
Personally, I like the wardrobe option so I know every option is getting used, instead of the author creating all these clothing options without the opportunity of all of them being used

  • Wardrobe
  • 3-4 clothing options

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I love the wardrobe but barely any authors use it

How do you enable wardrobe I’m new here and I’m not sure how

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Me too! I’m not new, but idk lollll

instead of doing 3 outfit choices you would make every single outfit a choice
or you can organize them by: dresses, shorts, pants, etc.

thats one way I’ve seen it done

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I like them both, but I feel like sometimes it’s nice to have different clothing options specific to the scene. But in some stories, a wardrobe works too.