Which do you prefer

using gains or just naming choices eg if (Dress_1 is ‘‘cute’’){
I prefer naming choices gains are confusing :confused:

Is there another way?

All I know is “if (dress1_cute){}”.

you don’t always have to use gains, you can name a choice by using
choice (Dress_1)

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I don’t get this post. There’s only one way to name a choice or gain lol. Do you mean you prefer to do the if/elif/else oppose to doing gains?

nvm you don’t get the question

Maybe try making your question more clear?

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I think they mean do you prefer using named choices to remember what a reader selects, or using gains.

I prefer gains, personally. I find them clearer and easier to work with for the most part. I know there are some scenarios where named choices might be better (like outfit choices), but I’ve always found gains easier. I also like to number my gains so I can easily reference back to previous episodes. (e.g in episode 4 I might have a gain like 04_kissedEvan). Having to do (if 04_kissornot is “Kiss Evan”) would annoy me and there’d be a 99.99% chance I’d screw it up.