Which do you think would be more fun to read?

:fallen_leaf: Rough, messy scribbled ideas for a plot. which do you prefer? all ideas and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Btw how do you make polls? :skull:


  • After being dumped by her boyfriend in front of beach goers - Mia decides to get revenge and prove to everyone just how much of a lost it is for him. Only one problem - she has no idea what is trendy and in these days. Going to the hottest girls she knows, will this plan be a mistake or a blessing?


  • After a break up MC goes to the beach to rant to the ocean, but when someone overhears her complaints and makes her wish to be reborn as Macell, a cute upcoming swimsuit model, come true- will it be everything she hoped and more?

:fallen_leaf: :jack_o_lantern:

Maybe you can add a little bit of both into it. Like she goes to the hottest girls, after being dumped in front of everyone, but they made her a swimsuit model.


Check out this on how to make polls:


Write: [poll type=regular public=true]
* (Option 1)
* (Option 2)
* etc…

Or there’s that options button whenever you want to post something, press on that and you should be able to make a poll from there.

And I like the first one better :slight_smile:

I don’t have the poll option under the blur choice, sadly.

Oh that sucks lol

I think this works idk: (take out the first two astrix)

**[poll type=regular public=true]
* Idea One
* Idea Two

I prefer the second for sure. It’s a lot more original and unique. Is this Macell a real person before the wish? If so, are they stuck in MC’s body? It would be great to follow both of them!

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Yes, I was thinking of Macell being a real person who also gets swapped into MCs body. :kissing:

I’d love a story like that! It would be hilarious if Macell likes being the MC but the MC doesn’t like being Macell and she has to convince her to swap bodies again :joy:

Plot thicker than a bowl of oatmeal! :rofl:

I may have briefly thought of that idea tbh lol

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I like the first one. I would love to read a story like that

If you’re still not sure, I made something: HOW TO: Create Polls

Feel free to check it out :wink: