Which do you think would be the most relatable ? ( Poll )

Thank you sooo much for your very thoughtful response. I am very excited that you have taken the time to think :thinking: about all of the possibilities in which these options would have holes :hole: in the plot. It forces me to make it make sense. Let me further elaborate…

Option One: Drowning in the pool: The family lives in a private Estate/ large family home. There are no life guards on duty . The father is at work and the two other children are in kinder/ primary school. The mother is at home with her youngest child ( who has not been diagnosed yet… but he exhibits characteristics that fall under the spectrum of Autism / Aspergers. Although the family has the financial wherewithal to pay for nannies and additional people to tend to the children… the mother was adamant in being the only person to rear all of her children. The mother is experiencing a particularly bad migraine headache and was in the course of getting ready to take a nap as her son was already sleeping. Before laying down she decides to check on her son and discovers that not only is he no longer asleep, he has managed to leave the room completely. Meanwhile, the pool man who was working on changing the filters and other pool maintenance did not have a particular part to fix an issue. So he had left to pick up the part at the hardware store. He did not secure the door to the mud room that leads to the backyard nor did he secure the safety gate to the pool. The young child ends up in the pool… the panicked mother dives in to save the child ( but her senses and perception are skewed due to migraine complications ) she is able to rescue the child but is not able to gather her equilibrium enough to save herself. The pool man returns to find the child sitting on the edge of the pool and the mother floating facedown in the pool.

Option Two: Getting hit by a car: Mother has severe migraine, child escapes because secure doors are not secured as grounds keeper left the house briefly to replace a specific tool needed for their work. Mother discovers child entering the street as car heads towards them. Mothers perception is off and gets struck by the car while pushing her child out of the way ( car was being driven over the residential speed limit , but because the front of the car struck the mothers body and head the injuries she sustained were fatal )

Option Three: Dying from complications of giving birth:

As you have pointed out ( and I greatly appreciate your perception ) the scenario is not sound and logical. So I have to nix the idea of the mother going against doctors suggestion. It just doesn’t work. And it is not something a person of sound mind would do. Mother would have to suffer from an unforeseen complication that absolutely nobody had been aware of including the doctors )


I don’t believe the death of the parent has to be involved with them saving the child. it could be that the parent died and left the family heirloom to the MC/LI, hence why everyone would feel like 'Oh, you were the favourite kid". I think there doesn’t have to be a tragedy for there to be an impactful effect on the family. The dynamic between characters needs to be established before you spend a long time trying to find the specifics of the death. The death itself shouldn’t matter, what should matter is the interactions between the characters themselves

I also read your new statements, and I think that it makes less sense than before. You are relying way too heavily on very freak-accident type scenarios, where everything is a little too convenient in order to cause such a death. I don’t have time right now to go in-depth with it, but I do want to point out the most obvious flaw.

  1. People who give birth don’t die out of nowhere from a condition that went unnoticed. From what I’ve read, this is a rich person. They have money. With money, you can get the best healthcare money can buy. How is it possible for someone to have a disease not only undetected to themselves, but undetected to the doctors around them, and have that disease result in their death? This also has nothing to do with your intention with writing this death out anyways. You wanted a death that could upset the siblings of the family, and blame their anger on the MC/LI? Why would they blame MC/LI for something not only did the mother not know, but the doctors?

These are all very valid points. And they would require more information for the scenarios that I have presented to unfold properly. And without sharing everything about the story ( because I do not want to share that information and get deeper into it ) I have limited the inquiry to which situation seems most relatable.

The actual characters and the story have already been developed… the child/ character has been resented because the father and siblings blame him for the mother dying. Is that logical to blame someone for another persons death? Nope… but within dysfunctional families it is easy to blame someone for a situation whether they were legitimately responsible or not especially when scapegoats are very convenient. In truth, the nature of her death is not as important per say as the reason that the family chooses to take their grief/ hurt and emotional pain out on this child/ character in order to justify their treatment of the child/ character and the manner they have treated him. But I do believe there should be some form of link between the mother dying and the child living whether it is accidental or circumstantial. Although it is not critical to the development of the story. It is important for there to be a backstory ( however brief about why his family treats him the way they do and how did he lose his mother )


Thank you so much everyone for participating in this poll!!! The results have clearly shown that you all would prefer that the scenario involve giving birth :pregnant_woman:t4:. I greatly appreciate all of your suggestions and advice, and I will absolutely take everything that has been shared into consideration while creating the scenes pertaining to this topic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve missed the poll time frame but Birth isn’t very original in my humble opinion… I would go with Pool or Car because they aren’t as oversaturated as tropes and you clan lay blame for more than just the parent, or child if you go with car…

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Thank you very much for sharing and voicing your perspective ( I opened the poll back up just for you :wink: )

Your ideas are very valid and I completely understand where you are coming from.

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