Which Episode Forum Category?



Which Episode Forum Category Do You Check Out The MOST.

-Report A Bug
-Feature+Art Suggestions
-Site Feedback



Lmao none :joy:

I only do pm’s :blush:


Lol yes PM’s are my natural habitat. But there is a way to find out where you talk the most


Here, Ken.

That’s yours



I only create topics if I use it


General Chat is basically my home
I post the most random shit, and fun shit, a mix of both.


I hang out in the forum games section! :v:t2::grin::sunglasses:


Looks like I spend a lot of time in Art Resources. Wonder why :thinking::sweat_smile:


I am not surprised by this


Oh my old account too


I spend a lot of my time in the Story Games & Role Playing section


The categories I spend a lot of time in and check out the most are Directing Helps & Tips (1st) because I love helping people and Forum Games (2nd) 'cause I love having fun^^

General Chat is in third place for me :smile: