Which Episode style do you like the best? Do you have a preference?


Hi everyone! :wave:
Just doing a poll of which style you like the best?
Personally, I like Classic the best, but how about you?

What is your favorite style?

Ink all the way


When I first downloaded episode I thought the classic looked so weird but after reading it, the ink looks so weird to me now idk why


Limelight is my favorite :grin:


Personally, I like INK the best, although LimeLight & Classic are cool in their own ways.


I love classic the most!:slight_smile:


Ink or Classic! :laughing::ok_hand:


Limelight or classic. Limelight is so aesthetic like I’d like to see ink try and be as amazing as limelight


I like all of them. Each style brings their own style and uniqueness to the table.

In terms of which I like the most? Classic. An underrated style that’s often overlooked, but there’s just something about it that I just enjoy so much.


Limelight all the way.


Ink. Forever and Ever! :grin:


I’m torn between Ink and Limelight.


Ink is the best one forever!!


Ink is my personal favourite.


Classic all the way.


IKR! Classic is so good. It’s NOT creepy.


Same! :slight_smile:


I like INK the best.


I absolutely love INK! :heart_eyes: :smile:


Same, I don’t think its creepy at all! I love classic its my favorite