Which era would be the best for a story?

(Who knows if this is in the right category) but I’d like some advice on which era would be the best to set a LL story in based on the clothing, hairstyles, eyebrows, etc.

I originally was doing a story set in the 1950’s but realized the catalog selection is way too limited to create a believable atmosphere. So, based on the catalogs for creating characters/outfits, which era do you think would make the most sense to set a story in (1960’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, etc.) because I really want to do a story that is not set in present times.


Well, I guess modern times have the most clothes, but I feel like you can push it to 1960 ish with the correct backgrounds! But hell do whatever u want!!

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I think u can push it even to the 1800! depends on what the story is about

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I’d say modern times because there are already essential backgrounds, overlays, animations, features and clothing to come along with it. Also, since we’re living in the 2000s, it would be easier because you don’t have to do much research on the way the character says things, does things or everything around her.

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It’s sort of a psychological horror/thriller and I’d really love it to be set in the 20th century some time.

I’ve seen some pretty convincing 1700’s-1800’s stories! I’m a bit of a fashion history buff so it drives me nuts when things don’t fit the period, but you can use a mishmash of stuff that gives it an old fashioned vibe without being 100% accurate. I recently saw someone who made some amazing 1920’s outfits by layering dresses. That could be a really fun era to play around with as well!


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