Which eyes look better?

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Sorry for the bad quality pictures, but which eyes look better? (Vote below please! )
Left pic: #1, Narrow Almond Deep Sunken, Right pic: #2, Monolid Slender
BTW, this is one of my characters (Levi) who is a demon. In his demon form, he has red eyes. The pictures above represent his human form.

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I think I like the first one more. It has a more dramatic vibe :sweat_smile:


@briannlynn :slight_smile:


I think the first pair of eyes(Narrow Almond Deep Sunken) just because the second pair of eyes(Monolid Slender) look…what’s the word…a little too soft. And I feel like the 1st pair looks better overall with his face.


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Thank you to everyone who voted! I greatly appreciate the feedback!

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