Which fantasy element would you say is the strongest?

I am making a fantasy story, and was wondering which fantasy element/s YOU think are the strongest? :relaxed:

Which fantasy element is the strongest?
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Light and dark
  • wind
  • ice

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I guess nature/earth dosent matter


Hmmmm, good element there. I’d say they were probably the strongest powers of all. I mean if you could harness the entire power of the earth and nature itself, your powers would be pretty unbelievable. So many creative things to do, and endless ways to cause disruption in a fantasy story.


I have a very own plan for the earth element :wink: That’s why it isn’t on the list.

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There cannot be one, otherwise it would “win” over the others… I suggest to introduce a super dragon-universe that condenses all the elements.

I guess mind controlling or manipulation powers of the human body are my favourites- it’s kind of scary how much a person could do with those powers. :eyes:

But what if someone trains or magically puts a spell on him/herself that he/she can’t be manipulated :thinking:
*Got the idea from a story read in Episode :grin:

I believe dark elements is kinda strongest as lots of fantasy beast belongs to that category n they all are terrifying.

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Ah maybe because I’m more afraid of what humans are capable of than dark magic- manipulation is also done by con artists and it’s not necessarily in the fantasy genre.
Dark magic is probably the strongest, yeah. But I was talking about my favourites :joy::heartpulse:

Water trumps fire, Fire melts ice, Wind can enhance fire. Light and dark can be what you want them to (which is why I use them in my story)