Which fashion era are your favorites? 👗

YEAH, fashion should never make a person look weird since people wear them back in the day and it still is fashionable even though a few people wear those type of fashion and yes my friends also like the “now” fashion. Maybe in a few years they’re gonna think the same way you did since their fashion is gonna fade and a new look is gonna be hot


And the hair!

The rise of short hair and glamorous curls, it’s bootiful (though some people still wear it in an updo just the bangs are styled and covered with hats and pins.


Sorry, I just can’t help myself with these fashion stuff in my head :sweat_smile:

I love all the fashion eras. Every fashion era has its own fashion statement. But my favorite is the era of 90s and the modern era. :heart_eyes: :dress: :womans_clothes: :bikini:.

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And flappers?

I like them too since they were breaking out the tradition and pretty much evolved into the making your hemline short and modern day fashion

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1980s and 70s
Also retro fashion

I Mean 80s and 70s is retro but I agree
Still shook to people liking 80s (I cry in joy when someone says that :sob:)

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I still feel kinda weird no one mentioned other fashion eras like the 19th century or 17th century, they were cool. :star_struck:

17th century? Really? The clothes then weren’t what you’d call… cool. I found them (especially the dresses) weird.

Nuuuuuu :sob::sob::sob::sob:
They were detailed so much practically was a trend I mean look at the pockets

And the bootiful details

The dresses are so weird and baggy, but I like the gold sequins :slightly_smiling_face:

True, anyways they’d always like their gowns floor length but I have to agree some looks are just… why


Woah, now that’s just terrifying…

I know :joy::joy: I like their attention to details tho

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If they just toned down a bit on the width then that would actually make a pretty nice dress.

True but that would just turn into rococo fashion since the shape is similar but toned down

I meant the retro fashion followed in the 21st century…
I specially like 1980s fashion the one followed by Princess Diana