Which gender should I use?

Hiya everyone! I’ve been inactive for a very long time, but I’ve went back to Episode once again because of a recent story idea I’ve got in my mind! However, I am not sure on what gender to use for the story. I wouldn’t want too much difficulty in coding as I’ve had a LONGGGG break from Episode, so I ticked the “pick your own gender” thing out of the list.

Basically, I just need help in deciding on the MOST APPROPRIATE GENDER for this story idea, which I have no idea if I’ll actually finish 'cause motivation kinda dies. Here’s a brief description of the story:

"In hopes of finding money, the MC becomes a test subject for a scientific experiment which led to the MC travelling into different universes, each with different versions of themself. When the fun was over, he/she came back to her/his universe and was paid the amount. Little did the MC know of an evil version of themself that has entered their universe."

  • A male MC
  • A female MC

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Hey! Just an idea but what if some of the different versions of the MC were the opposite gender. Idk, it’s just that this way you don’t really have to pick.


Thanks for an idea! I may include it in the story. :blush:

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