Which hair style do you like best? (girl INK)

I’m writing stories and I want to know what hairstyle you like the best…because I’m not bother to add in customization and I want to keep the original design of the character so it matches the cover or art scenes.
But I also don’t want people to think my characters are ugly so they stop reading my stories.
So I want to know what hairstyle you like best! So I can design characters as nice as possible.

I may be doing one for INK boy later but this is only for INK girl


short hair style:

  • shaved
  • buzzed hair
  • classic bob
  • classy pixie
  • faux hawk
  • slicked back
  • messy pixie
  • pixie
  • short curly

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mid-long hairstyle

  • unstyled faux hawk
  • twist hair
  • suburan bubble
  • straight bob
  • shaggy natural curls
  • straight

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long hairstyle

  • beach wave
  • diva curls
  • layered hair
  • long curly
  • long feathered
  • long straight
  • rebel half shade
  • urban punk

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  • styled corn rows
  • long dreadlocks
  • long braids
  • braid updo
  • cornrow bun
  • pony tail locks

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tied up

  • braid crown updo
  • pigtails
  • short tied up
  • dancer bun
  • double bun
  • fishtail
  • high pony
  • messy bun
  • moring updo

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Hope this help other writers as well.
Thx :kissing_heart: