Which hairstyle for my character?


Eyyo! Looking for some feedback on which hairstyle to use for one of the MCs of my WIP story.

Some background -
Character’s name is Adakias, and he’s meant to be a bit young - around 19-22. He’s also a newfound King, and a demon/devil, although I can’t give too much away as I want some things to stay mysterious in the story. c:

First is Slicked Back Solid, second is Wavy Quiff.


I really like the slicked back solid! I think that looks nice :slight_smile:️:sparkles:


The first one looks best, in my opinion.

Maybe make a poll so you can see easier what everyone says. :slight_smile:


1st one


First one.


Wavy quiff looks weird when a character faces rear, so I vote for slicked back


Slicked back solid for sure. It’s looked better than wavy quiff tho


slicked back solid is more suitable for your character…


I think the first one looks better :ok_hand: :heart:


I say go with Slicked Back. Wavy Quiff is overused and I think the back of the hairstyle will look odd with the horns.



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