Which idea is best?

I need some honest feedback. I am making 4 different short stories, and I would like to turn one of them into a long term project (so I’m not bored, you know). So if you would tell me which one you like best based on the description, that would be great!

She’s a cop, and he’s a criminal, but she finds herself falling for him. Will she lie to keep him out of prison, or will she be the one to lock away her true love forever?

A girl with trust issues. A guy with a secret. Has Logan really changed, or will Hanna’s heart be broken again?

A carefree party girl falling for a man in a relationship. Will Harper settle down and fight for the love of her life, or continue her carefree life?

A government assassin, with revenge, bullets, and a whole lot of craziness up her sleeve, falling for her target?

These are all romance stories, with comedy (I just put them in the romance category, because romance is more popular)


Idea 4. It sounds like more of an original story and less of a cliche one too.

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Idea 4! it sounds great and I would definitely read it :gem:

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Okay, thank you for your feedback! I will keep that in mind!

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Thank you!

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4 :ok_hand:t5:

4 :nail_care:t3:


I like all of them tbh, but the best would be…:thinking: 3 or 4 :woman_shrugging:
I feel like those would have the most action.

I think 3 because when the LI is taken, the MC is the quiet, shy kind of girl and here you say that she needs to settle down to have a chance, besides the breakup she needs for it to happen

In my opinion, 3 or 4! They sound super duper fun and can go so many ways. They are also not an Episode cliche, which is great!

I wish you luck on your story, whichever you do!! :blob_hearts:

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