Which idea is better?

Okay, a little background. Im going to be doing a bunch of interconnected superherhero stories that do crossovers and stuff, kind of like the Arrowverse. I probably will do all these stories eventually, I just want to know which to start with.

Idea 1:
“Jay is an up-and-coming actress, playing a vigilante known as the Phoenix. At night, she takes up the mantle to fight crime. Will she be able to track down her sister’s killer and protect Moonlight City, all while surviving the paparazzi?”

Its about a girl whos an actress in a superhero show. She decides to become the hero she plays in the show after her sister is murdered.

Idea 2:
“When Lee lands a job as a game dev for a VR studio, it’s a dream come true. Little did she know, all those hours spent testing shooters and combat games were honing her skills for the day her city would be thrown chaos. And she’s the only one who can save it.”

A girl works as a game dev and tester for a company. She eventually has to use her skills as both a fighter and a programmer to stop the gangs that are terrorizing her city.

Idea 3:
“Nick is a world-renowned biologist studying canines. After a break-in at his lab, he gets injected with a serum that gives him all the abilities of a wolf, which gives him amazing powers- as well as dangerous new enemies.”

Theres this guy named Nick who works studying dogs, wolves, foxes, basically any canine. His job is actually studying these animals to make a serum to create super soilders, but there was a break-in at the lab were the serum was kept and Nicj was accidentally injected with it, giving him super speed, strength, senses, etc. He tries to use his new powers to put a stop to the company that he worked for.

Idea 4:

“Old and crippled, World War I I vet Jacob is turned into a teen after a freak accident. Will he be able to stop an evil corporation and survive high school at the same time?”

A WWII vet gets turned into a teen after taking an experimental drug. He finds out that the drug was created by a company that wanted to swindle the elderly out of their life insurance by killing them, and he wants to put a stop to it.

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I have a few more ideas that i’ll post later, but these are the ones i have right now. Any feedback is much appreciated! :smiley: Also, these ideas can and will change!

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I prefer #2 as long as you spell ‘hours’ correctly. :wink:

Lmao but seriously, both sound good, and it’s an interesting concept for an Episode story. :+1:


Sorry, I’m on my kindle rn so it’s a lot harder to spell check, lol. Thank you!


Oi, makin’ me re-vote? :eyes:

It was close, but 4 is my favourite of the updated list, because it sounds like the quirkiest. All 4 sound good, just that 1-3 do kinda sound like staples of the genre. Which will probably make them the most popular, but I’m a weird one, I prefer the unusual. :upside_down_face:

While 4 is my favourite, if it were me writing that multiverse, I might start with 1 or 2, as they’re a little more feminine than 3 or 4, more likely to hook the readers on this app.

But you do what you feel. :relaxed:

Aside: I ain’t buyin’ the “there’s a break-in and he’s accidentally injected with the wolf serum” in its current form lol. I’m sure it’s a work in progress though lmao, just that it sounds a little iffy rn. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep, kinda just brain fodder. Im gonna refine all the ideas while writing them :wink:


I feel like there’s a huge opportunity with the first one to deconstruct and subvert the tropes of the superhero narrative, seems like there’s a lot more to play around with there, especially since we’re still somehow inundated with superhero shit all over media and it’s getting stale.

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What if you did one big universe story about them crossing paths and helping each other out as they do their separate thing. Instead of doing 4 individual stories. It would be time consuming to do but it would be soo dope.

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Thats actually something I havent thought of. Maybe I could do 4 separate origin stories with one story that ties it together like how you suggested? Would that be interesting to read?

Heck yess! It would be like your own marvel universe. If you have them running around in the same city it gives them more chances to bump into each other when they’re fighting bad guys or when they’re buying coffee as their normal identities at the same place. There’s a lot of interesting stuff you could do with it.


As for what you said about Idea 3, I was kinda inspired off that scene from Arrow (i know i might be a bit obsessed don’t @ me) where he gets thrown into a wall of needles (forgot what it was, some kind of medication or poison) and accidentally gets injected.

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I like 2 and 3 also. They are all super unique and I’d read them :slight_smile:


number 4 sounds the must original if you ever plan to publish it, I’d totally would check it out

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