Which idea scares you the most? See list below!

I’m looking to write a good horror story for the app… And as you guys are the (potential) readers, I am curious to know which premise sounds the creepiest!

  1. MC and their pals discover that they are dead and set out to uncover how they died and where they are.
  2. MC is being used as a puppet to control who lives and who dies.
  3. MC moves back home after a traumatic incident and starts noticing strange things happening in their house.
  4. MC is checked into a mental institution… but as far as they are aware, there is nothing wrong with them, and they have no record of problems with mental health.
  5. Girls are going missing around town, all blonde and all under the age of 18. MC fits into this category.

Ideas and criticisms are also welcome! x


All kinda cliche… I think the mental institution and the MC has control over who lives and who dies are pretty nice ideas.

Though, I don’t have much information so I can’t really give you a really good feedback, if you take it into your own place it can come up good.

Question: Are you using advanced directing? I think some “Episode style special effects” really adds stories.

And also the last idea sounds kinda creepy, is it like a creep that collects “barbies” or something like that? If not, again, I don’t have many details I can’t really give my honest complete opinion.

Well, good luck with your story!

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the second and fourth seem like the best of these

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Yes, somewhat advanced directing will be used :’)
I apologise for how vague they all were, I just don’t want to give away the whole plot of each, because they do (for the most part) involve twists.

I want to stray away from cliches, I was considering a male MC, or a LGBT female MC as a start… It’s just a tough job finding something that hasn’t already been done and something that is actually scary haha!

Quick question: do you personally find supernatural plots scarier or realistic thriller plots?

Thank you for your reply! x

I think a female LGBTQ MC is better than a male MC, it actually shows a lot of support and male MC is just a guy there’s nothing special and I actually like when the MC is female anyway 'cause it’s like you get to play as the character and most Episode users/ writers are females.

And “realistic thriller” I’m guessing you’re talking about abuse and stuff like that, you shouldn’t, it might upset a lot of people because not everybody can manage to do it right and honestly I personally hate it.
I’m pretty much addicted (not actually addicted) to supernatural movies/ TV shows and some Episode stories get it pretty good but sometimes it’s hard to do good supernatural themes on Episode. But anyway, don’t do “classic” ghost stuff like families moves into an old house and guess what, it’s hunted. :roll_eyes: those are pretty annoying.

I personally like to write more Mystery, Action, and stuff like that (I do really advanced directing so it comes out pretty cool).

From some strange reason people on Episode always love when there’s some romance included (kill me no idea why) so your story will probably be more popular if there will be like 20 love interests (lol not really 20 but I have seen bunch with 6)

You raise some good points! (Especially the love interests… blarghhh!) BUT! In regards to realistic thriller, I don’t mean abuse-- so that’s all good x I more mean like… people going missing + ending up in a crazy guy’s science experiments or something HAHA (which I guess, if done poorly, can seem like abuse)…

And yeah… I really didn’t want to do the whole “ooh my house is haunted,” or the “omg I used a ouija board and now I’m possessed,” tropes! (WITH NO OFFENCE to you lovely people out there who have written these kinds of stories-- it just isn’t for me!)

And hey! Which story of yours is your personal favourite? Is it published? I’d love to see the advanced directing! x

I’m working on stories! I have helped bunch of others with theirs though in actual life I learned a lot about writing and story planning I have some really good stuff and I have perfect directing skills!

I don’t have any published stories at the moment but I’m working on some!

I did the bored thing once in 8th grade lol nothing happened but I was like 14 I tried haha :thinking:

That romance is super annoying I saw 8(!) love interests once. (Like tf???)

We need more Horror lovers people in this community!

Moved to Share Feedback section as that’s where pitches live! :v:t2:

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Nos. 2 and 4 are the most interesting.

@m-d You are entitled to your own preferences and I respect your opinion. With that being said, however, I think that your first statement is a little inaccurate and misleading.

Can you be more specific when you stated that there is “nothing special” about a male MC? I am just curious to know your reason.

Also, clarify me here: so just because most of Episode’s users/writers are female and because “it’s like you get to play as the character” that automatically makes female MC’s better than male MC’s? While it is true that the majority of Episode’s demographics are female, most of this community tends to forget that not every reader/writer is female, so to speak.

In fact, I am a male myself. As males, we are the minority of the app and because of this, I am usually forced to play as a female main character in a majority of the stories that I read here - unless the story has a male main character, of course.

But guess what… do I have a problem with that?

I do not, actually. Here’s why.

I think any main character, regardless of their gender and sexuality, can be well written or poorly written depending on how the author writes and develops them. I do not care if the main character is female, male, LGTBQ, black, white, and so on. A female main character can be poorly written, just like a male main character can be poorly written. Just like a straight main character can be poorly written, an LGBTQ character can also be poorly written, and so forth. Same with races.

If anything is badly written story… it’s a badly written story. Subjectively and objectively.

In my opinion, it all depends on how the author presents, writes and develops their characters, especially the main character. Again, I have no problem with you preferring something over another. I just thought your statements weren’t exactly clear and were misleading.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not saying just because most people on Episode are females the MC should be female, sometimes the MC is a female and she’s so horrible you’d wish some other male character will become the MC instead of her.
I’m just saying as a woman and a feminist I like it more when the MC is a female it’s not like I don’t read stories with male MC’s and I don’t need to be judge for wanting to play as a woman.
But at least if you write a story with either female or male MC don’t make the MC a total jerk or some slut that is not like most women because I hate when people make stories with really slutty female main characters that’s just a serious insult for a lot of people reading the story.

@m-d Well, I agree that the main character shouldn’t be overshadowed, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the main character lol.

And don’t get me wrong, that is perfectly fine. As I said, I respect your opinion and we are all entitled to our own preferences. My intention was not to be judgemental; I was just curious to why you prefer playing as them. I apologize that I gave off that tone.

I think it’s unique to have an unlikeable MC. It’s kinda like having an anti-hero, and I don’t see many of those stories. In a way, it makes them a bit more human because of their bad actions, attitude, etc. Yet again, it depends on how the author writes them. For example, I think they should also have redeeming qualities to balance them out so we can relate to them better, instead of being a complete jerk like you said.

Yeah, maybe an “unlikeable” MC but not a human trash one.
I have read bunch of stories by male authors that presented female MC’s (and other characters) like they’re not really important, spoiled, over sexual etc.

That’s what I call an insult, definitely.

I liked the 3rd and the 5th idea

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Personally, the second one appeals to me the most. I find it really intriguing. I know I replied to this post a little too late and you might have already chosen what to work with. If it’s not #2, I really hope you’d consider writing that in future, perhaps. It has great potential.

Also I find that, thrillers, if executed well, can give the same intense chills that you would get from a horror story. Thrillers can be far more frightening and disturbing in some cases. I find that the best mix is when horror and thriller overlap with mystery thrown in. But that’s just my personal opinion.

I personally think scenario 3 is the most scariest. It helps character really face their fears instead of just a kick a adrenaline. A good message through a horror story actually about thrill, facing fears , team spirit and healing can actually impact the life of the readers at the real life :slight_smile:

@pixieauthor Here’s an idea: why not combine all 5 ideas into one story to make a really creepy story? They are all very intriguing ideas that could make wonderful stories on their own. However, they could create a sensible, intriguing, very disturbing storyline (in a good way) as a single plot if you think about it for a minute. For example:

Read in order: #'s 4, 5, 3, 1, and 2.

Just an idea I’d like to throw into the hat. :wink:

Anyway, regarding the topic itself, I’d say it’s a tie between #2 and #3 for me…

Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: