Which idea sounds the most interesting?

My brain never stops making ideas. So here are a few of those ideas to entertain your brain. Also please tell me Wich one Is best. Ty.

  1. His Crimson Scars: A phycological Horror about having a split personality disorder but your other half is a murderer who kills people who wronged the good half. Male MC, keep everyone alive sorta thing.

  2. The Day the Sun Died: An apocalyptic story except humanity is the downfall. They basically know the date the sun will explode and are trying to find a new home. The twist is the only people who are smart enough to work on it are enemies. People start going crazy and only looking after themselves as the timer is single digits in days and the air is toxic. Enemies to lovers, apocalypse.

  3. She Who Wields the Sword
    Ancient prophecies from ages of terror are starting to come true- and every man is eager to fulfill the only prophecy made of light- a savior who wields the most powerful sword in the world. But what those men fail to forget is there is a powerful woman behind every man in (insert town name here)- and after her husband’s death, Valkyrie is a powerful woman with nobody in her way. Probably sapphic, kind of evil girlboss.

  4. Heartbreaker for Hire: this story isn’t really my style (realistic fiction) but it’s a comedy about a group college students who all find out this one guy is playing them all so they hire the MC to crumple him. Don’t worry, the MC is a good guy, the dude who played the group of students isnt a good person and you’ll want their downfall. Idk who the LI would be in this one yet. Maybe a no-LI story?

  5. Cove
    Primrose is a British noble in revolutionary times but she iSnT lIkE oThEr GiRlS (Kidding, she just isn’t a fan of being a princess and that’s fine) but she escaped and pretends to be a guy to get onto a pirate ship. This one includes pirated and mermaids.

  6. Divine Intervention
    An exiled god and a mortal assassin work are forced to work together. That’s all I got rn. Idk. Sounds cool, right? :woozy_face:

  • His Crimson Scars
  • The Day the Sun Died
  • She Who Wields the Sword
  • Heartbreaker for Hire
  • Cove
  • Divine Intervention

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See like I’m kinda a mess so it’s not surprising I explained the stories on here so horribly. They sound so bad lmao

I feel like I’m losing my life to the episode forums :bowing_woman:

Okay bye


‘The day the sun died’ sounds awesome for an Episode story! I would be very curious to see a story like this ^^


Ooh, I can’t choose! I’d read all of those stories!

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