Which job would you want to have in your life?



Which job would you want to have in your life?

I would want to be a baker, so I can steal all the chocolate sprinkles- I mean I wanna become an actress, since I’ve acted in school stages in front of thousands of people as the main character, and its fun.


Sameeeee I want to be a baker I have a full on plan which is gucci. But I was also thinking maybe a comedian with Obama because heck I get that a lot and I’m broke.


A lawyer :hugs:


Tattoo artist, musician or maybe a journalist








I’m working with kids with special needs. :slight_smile: And I love it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


God bless ya gurl


Awwww the world needs more people like you!


Currently, my mind is so fixed on the world and nature so I either want to be a photographer and take photos of the wild or be that kind of person who saves animal’s lives (not a vet ,but I can’t remember the name )


Idk, I’m good @ English, math, & arguing? What should I be?


"Hmmm it sounds like a lawyer or or a solicitor hmmmmm … Perhaps someone who works in a court " would be an answer but this is MY answer :
I guess a load of jobs are based on what you are good at , however, it’s pretty much up too you and what you are happy with so being an accountant,lawyer,business manager or any other job that is based on those three things , will only be better if you like to do it or at least enjoy or comfortable with it :blush: