Which kind of story would you rather have?

I currently am working on two different stories. I want to choose one to focus on so I’m not doing split effort over two. So, I wanted to ask all of you which type of story you’d rather see in Episode. Here are two short explanations of them.

The first one is Murder House, a story where you move to a house that you plan to renovate while you also attend college. As you go on you learn more about the twisted past of the house, and what may be still lurking around it.

The other is more focused on something else and will have educational factors in it. In this one, I’m thinking Man in the Mirror for a potential title, you are a FTM (Female to male) transgender individual who gets the chance to go to an all-male academy. You balance a life of hanging with friends you make, and keeping the secret of being born female, as you wish to be stealth.* This one would have more comedy in it than the other.

If you would tell me your input on it, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a considerable amount of knowledge on both of the subjects, mostly the latter one, so I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m blindly making stories. Although I do admit making two at once isn’t the brightest for someone who has limited time.
Anyways, replying with feedback and taking this poll would be really helpful! Thank you very much.

Poll: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScl5j-upBADWLeG3KpZUu1uazjmxZ40LV0uAqKqUAFdIAq-eQ/viewform?usp=pp_url

*A Stealth transgender individual is one who wishes not to outright say they are transgender, and may only disclose it with close lovers or friends. :black_heart:

I filled out the poll! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh geez, you’re right. I really hope nobody does steal it. I’d be pretty upset. Thank you for the warning, too.

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Thank you! I really appreciate It! ^^

i think both are interesting, but there’s a larger demand for LGBT+ stories & Man in the Mirror fits that.

Murder House seems interesting, but it kinda sounds like a haunted house story.
i feel like i’d click on Man in the Mirror over Murder House


Thank you for your input! I figured it would be more appealing, since more people are talking about Episode and the stories on it being inclusive.

@Ryan You can close this if you’d like.

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