Which makes sense?

  • The Hottest spot In Asheville. Club Tempest sure came in for a bang. 23-year old woman; Jumping every obstacle Like its nothing, What if she can’t jump this new obstacle?Limited CC

  • Everybody knows once you make a deal with the devil. There’s always a consequence to everything.What happens,when your club is the prize the devil wants ? Limited CC

  • Club Tempest the baddest speakeasy ever made since the prohibition era.People from all across the business world love to try but failed.What happens when you make a deal?LIMITEDCC

  • Honesty please

  • Brutal honesty

Thank you

The second one is the best but you have to fix it like this:
Everybody knows once you make a deal with the devil, there’s always a consequence to it. What happens, when your popular club is the prize the devil wants? Will you be able to pay the price? And what happens, if you can’t? Limited CC

This is an alternate description I made for you also.
Everything has a price. Little did I know that the man I made a deal with to save my club was actually the devil, and I’d be going to hell and back to pay the price.


That’s perfect i love it thank you times 10 :heart::heart:

Aw you’re welcome no problem!

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