Which mythology do you find most interesting?

  • Greek Mythology
  • Norse Mythology
  • Egyptian Mythology

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Ugh, my two favorite mythologies are Norse and Egyptian. :heart:


My two favourite are Egyptian and Greek!!


I love Greek, Roman and Egyptian. Not as interested in Norse.


Ah I have read up on very little Norse mythology. I knew only one story about Loki and Odin I think it was. Freya ends up marrying a giant beast or something - I loosely remember it despite reading it all the time at my cousin’s house haha


What’s your favourite ancient Greek myth?


Ooo so difficult to pick just one.

The Myth of Apollo and Daphne is pretty interesting though








I picked Norse, but I’m actually more interested in the Celtic theologies! (Specifically Irish and Gaulish!)

There isn’t a lot of information on the Gauls (cuz the Romans destroyed are appropriated most of their cults and and Gauls never wrote anything down lol), so a lot of it is based on reconstructional interpretation.

I’m also a Celtic Polytheist! (Mostly Gaulish, lol, Cernunnos is my dude.) My last name on my acount, Suelta, is taken from a Gaulish goddess, Nantosuelta, who is said to be the goddess of hearth & home, domesticity, and BEES!


This is actually pretty fascinating, I didn’t even know that existed! I’m going to have to look into it.


It’s a cool subject! If you’re interested, I suggest starting with Irish and Brythonic theologies, since they have the most available info in terms of the Celts.

Be warned, though, a lot of it is just regurgitated conjecture. You gotta be careful and actually read sources since lots of folks repeat stuff without fact checking.


I love Greek mythology, but I have to go for Norse :slight_smile: