Which name do you like better?


Which name do you like better? Lila, or Leeah? Or maybe none? If you have any other female name ideas please write them below!

  • Lila
  • Leeah
  • None

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I like Daphne and Phoebe in English, they would not sound good in German, though.


Huh… I was considering Daphne just a second ago too. But I decided to go with Lila, since it got many votes and Lila was the name of the main character in a story I didn’t get to publish. Thanks for the feedback :>


You are welcome. Lila reminds me of Leela from Futurama, but it’s the same word in German, too, btw, refering to the colour. :sunglasses:


Is it purple?? A few of my friends are learning German


Yes, and violet is violett in German, just with a double tea. :wink:


We have the word lila in Romanian too, it means a lighter shade of purple.


Mia or Pheobe are actually nice ideas


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