Which Name for a girl?

which name for a young female character

  • Georgia (Would Call Gia)
  • Kendall

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despite the results which I thank everyone for I think I will go with Georgia

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I honestly prefer the name, Vahelica.

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what is it with world and unpronounceable names ? Renesme , Vihelica … maybe you should just go for Aoibheann ( i think that’s a boy’s name)

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All the kids will call her Hell.

No they won’t why tf would you give that idea out?

I have a girl at school name Vahelica, we call her Vee

I also think you should name it Vada.


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, Valhelica is not a option for me though it is very pretty. I just think it won’t really fit my character however i will keep it in mind for a future character

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Thanks for the feedback however, we should be respectful and accepting of other peoples ideas and interests. Let me Know if you have any other ideas I am intrigued by some ideas and would like to maybe use them in the future.

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Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean screenshot the character?

Basically any name can be “unpronounceable”. My name is quite simple to say, but it still gets mispronounced a lot.

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Yeah, true.

i think the name Lucy is sweet and adorable

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i know a terrible girl named kendall, and a true sweetie named georgia, so georgia would be my choice.

Or… Ellie, Maddie, Eva, Ava, Martha, Ruby, Daisy and Sophie