Which Name for a girl?


which name for a young female character

  • Georgia (Would Call Gia)
  • Kendall

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despite the results which I thank everyone for I think I will go with Georgia


I honestly prefer the name, Vahelica.


what is it with world and unpronounceable names ? Renesme , Vihelica … maybe you should just go for Aoibheann ( i think that’s a boy’s name)




All the kids will call her Hell.


No they won’t why tf would you give that idea out?


I have a girl at school name Vahelica, we call her Vee


Honestly, i kiiiinda only give someone a name before I see it. Sooo can you screen shot?


I also think you should name it Vada.


Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, Valhelica is not a option for me though it is very pretty. I just think it won’t really fit my character however i will keep it in mind for a future character


Thanks for the feedback however, we should be respectful and accepting of other peoples ideas and interests. Let me Know if you have any other ideas I am intrigued by some ideas and would like to maybe use them in the future.


Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean screenshot the character?


Basically any name can be “unpronounceable”. My name is quite simple to say, but it still gets mispronounced a lot.


Yeah, true.


Yes, thank u


i think the name Lucy is sweet and adorable


i know a terrible girl named kendall, and a true sweetie named georgia, so georgia would be my choice.


Or… Ellie, Maddie, Eva, Ava, Martha, Ruby, Daisy and Sophie