Which name? help plzzzz lol


THE NAME WILL BE ROWAN** Which name? I’m writing another story and the Mc is in kindergarten (She is very sassy) which name do you like bests?

  1. Rowan
  2. Bexley
  3. Vera
  4. Camryn
  5. Reese
  6. Zara


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Definitely Rowan


Rowan is a good name :thinking: but Zara seems more diva! :joy:




I love Rowan but it’s not the name of a diva. I think Vera , Camryn and Zara are good “Sassy” names. I prefer Zara.


Zara is my fav, but Vera is awesome too


Zara, or Camryn. :slight_smile:






Zara for sure!!!


I think you should’ve added a poll. That way you could keep a track of the votes.:grinning: I like Bexley; it’s kind of unisex but, it sounds unique.


I love the name Zara! I love all your names, they are all so unique!


Zara or Camryn.
Not only do they have a diva sound to them, but they are trendy without being unheard of.






I like the sound of Bexley!




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